Gather ’round, fellow summer enthusiasts! We’re about to spill the beans on the top 10 tips for crafting a classic Kiwi Summer – the kind that’s loaded with sunshine, adventure, and a touch of that unmistakable Kiwi charm. So, whether you’re a seasoned (safe) sun-soaker or a summer newbie, buckle up for the ride as we unwrap the secrets to an epic Kiwi Summer.

1. Beach Day Essentials

Kicking off our list is a no-brainer: beach days! But before you grab your togs and sunscreen, check out Safeswim.org.nz. It’s like your beachside buddy, giving you the lowdown on weather, lifeguard patrol hours, and potential hazards. Because nothing says Kiwi summer like a day at the beach, and we’re all about making it safe and sensational.

2. Fire Up the BBQ

Planning to unleash your inner BBQ master? Safety first! Fire Emergency NZ has your back with a nifty three-step tool. Just pick your BBQ plans, time, and spot, and voila – expert tips to keep the flames in check. Because nothing beats a Kiwi BBQ, and we’re not letting anything unsafe dampen that sizzling spirit.

3. Hike Like a Local

For those itching to explore the great outdoors, the NZ Mountain Safety Council’s Plan My Walk app is your golden ticket. From weather forecasts to track-specific tips, it’s the ultimate guide for safe, unforgettable hikes. And if you need a sneak peek before hitting the trails, AIITrails app has your back.

4. Nature Geek Out

Calling all nature lovers! Dive into the wild with iNaturalist, your ‘social network’ for biodiversity buffs. Snap a pic of that funky plant or bird, and let the community help you unravel nature’s mysteries. And for the bird watchers, New Zealand Birds Online and Bird Nerd NZ are your feathered companions in identifying our avian friends.

5. Happy Camper Vibes

Camping more your speed? Wikicamps is your camping encyclopaedia, offering maps for download – no Wi-Fi? No worries. Rankers’ Camping NZ and CamperMate are equally awesome for campsite intel. And if you’re up for a local touch, Campable’s got you covered – it’s like Airbnb, but for campers.

6. Not sure where to go next?

Feeling a bit lost in your summer escapades? ChurNewZealand.com has a whopping 255 things to do around our beautiful land. Some might be classic tourist hotspots, others hidden gems – but all guaranteed to spice up your summer itinerary.

7. Sun Safety is Cool

In the midst of all the fun, don’t forget to show your skin some love. Slop on that sunscreen, slap on a hat, and wrap yourself in sun-smart style. The UVNZ app is your pocket guide to staying sun-safe, making sure your summer glow is all about good vibes, not sunburn.

8. Picnic Perfection

Elevate your summer dining with a classic Kiwi picnic. Load up the chilly bin with treats, find a shady spot, and soak in those lazy, sun-soaked afternoons. Bonus points for including some iconic Kiwi snacks – Pavlova, anyone?

9. Enjoy the moment

Last but not least, don’t forget to slow down and Savor the moment. Kiwi summers are meant for relaxation, laughter, and creating memories. So, whether you’re chilling in the backyard or embarking on a grand adventure, take it easy and let the good times roll.

There you have it – the top tips for a classic Kiwi Summer. Now, slip into those jandals, grab your mates, and get ready for a summer filled with good vibes and unforgettable moments!

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